Exam preppin'

Getting my study on

For the past week or so, I've been digging into the excellent review materials and practice tests at after finishing the Developer Associate course I was taking. I've also got some FAQs and whitepapers earmarked to peruse soon, too. My goal is to take the AWS exam in two weeks, assuming I can log the time to feel comfortable enough with the material. I think I'm a good deal of the way there, but not fully prepared yet.

Other happenings

One of my favorite hobbies right now is 3D printing, and I'm finishing the preparations for a major overhaul of my printer, with a new control case and wiring configuration. While that's pretty exciting in and of itself, what comes next is even better: continuing to print pieces for the drone I want to build by the end of the summer. I've got some carbon fiber PLA and a hardened steel nozzle ready to go, and if all goes well, drone printing should get rolling on Wednesday or Thursday.

Onward and upward!