Résumé Revamp

Job search preparation


I have given my résumé a thorough workover, editing and polishing it to perfection (for now, at least). I am pleased with it's appearance, both in web form and as a PDF file. I imagine it will continue to evolve over the course of the summer as I get deeper into my job search, a process I plan to jump into in the near future.


I am nearing the 90% completion point in my Developer Associate course (taught by the incredible Adrian Cantrill - https://cantrill.io). Much of the course so far has been a combination of solid review and gap-filling: I walk away from each study session having learned at least a few new things about AWS services and how to use them. It's exciting that the finish line is in view, and I am tentatively planning to sit the certification exam in mid-June, about a month from now.

Onward and upward!