Crushin' It

Alllll the learning

Learn The Things

It's been a big week of learning! While some of the material I'm working through overlaps with the Solutions Architect studies from last fall, I'm picking up at least one new bit of knowledge with each new video lesson. VPCs, EC2, and containers have been on the agenda recently, and I'm moving on to some more advanced EC2 features like bootstrapping.

Job Search

I suppose it's fair to say that my job search has officially begun: I submitted my first application today! I don't really know what to expect, so I'll hope for someone to reach out and schedule an interview. It's a brave new world for me. I'm nervous, but I think I have a solid foundation and I definitely have the drive to keep learning and getting better every day. I am also going to try to build up my network a bit more. That feels pretty challenging right now.

That said, it's time to keep moving forward. Onward and upward!