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The next step

I am not technically done with my Python bootcamp, as there are a number of remaining portfolio project ideas to try out. For the moment, though, I'm taking a little break from coding (a few weeks, at least; I'll likely work on a few more over time) to kickstart the next phase of my AWS training. I've set my sights on the Developer Associate certification, and to obtain it, I'm changing platforms and learning philosophies a bit.

Skills, too

I have put in about 15 hours of studying already, following Adrian Cantrill's Developer Associate course. His big emphasis is on building skills and knowledge, not focusing learning specifically for an exam, and so far, I love the course. There is a ton of content (I am 16% of the way through it all), great graphics, and a whole lot of practical work with a fresh AWS account set up for this course. The demo lessons are designed around a real-world business scenario, which makes this both more interesting and more practical than repeatedly starting and stopping EC2 instances. I have also picked up a lot of information throughout this introductory section that I didn't get or didn't absorb on other learning platforms.

The bottom line is that I am excited to see where this goes, what I will build as a good demonstration of learned skills, and how much I will learn in the process. I was reasonably confident in my knowledge when I went to sit the Solutions Architect Associate exam, but I anticipate feeling even more so for my next exam, as well as feeling more prepared to tackle real cloud challenges as a professional.

Onward and upward!