Website Launch


It's finally here!

Today is the day: my newly-developed website is live. Development time was roughly twelve days in total. This project really pushed me out of my comfort zone, forcing me to improve my backend (Flask) skills and learn a good deal of the frontend framework (Bootstrap) on the fly. Hours and hours poring through documentation, reading stackoverflow and blog posts, and experimenting have paid off.

One journey winds down...

This project - a portfolio website - is one capstone of a fantastic online Python bootcamp. I have been progressing through the bootcamp since mid-November of 2020 and have reached the final stages, where students are given an end goal with no other instruction and are expected to use what they've learned and available resources to complete each assignment. Cheif among them is a portfolio website, on which to show off other final projects.

... and another one begins.

Now that my Python learning is nearing a temporary end, I've been looking forward to my next steps. I will begin learning and studying for the AWS Developer Associate certification later this week, something I am very much looking forward to (and which may inform me of some tweaks I can make to this site and its AWS architecture). Finishing this site will be the push I need to tidy up my résumé and LinkedIn profile so that I can begin searching for a job in the tech world.

One more step toward changing careers is complete!