Life wins... for now

Always something!

A much-needed delay

I had originally hoped to take my AWS exam this past Monday, but life has conspired against me. The work week was brutal, leaving me super fatigued and in a poor mental state, so I rescheduled my exam for the end of the month. Shortly after doing so, I found myself planning a quick trip to Pittsburgh that same weekend, necessitating another reschedule. My new exam date is July 6th, and it can't come soon enough.

Next steps

After the exam is over, there are a few tasks on my to-do list:

  • putting most of my energy into a job search;
  • completing the current Cloud Challenge from A Cloud Guru (implementing Elasticache);
  • and refactoring this website to be serverless.

The last item is probably the most intriguing to me. I expect it will be rather challenging, but since the back end is a Flask app, it should be translatable to something like API Gateway and Lambda, with static assets stored on S3. This opens up the opportunity to use CloudFront as well, since AWS's CDN doesn't play nicely with my application as it's currently deployed with Elastic Beanstalk.

Other happenings

My 3D printer project was an exercise in patience and learning, but it is operating well and I'm happy with how that project went. I have also printed parts for a quadcopter and am researching the necessary parts. That will be another new and challenging electronics project with a huge payoff. I'm already excited to strap on some FPV goggles for that first flight!

Onward and upward!