About Me

Things to know.


Amazon Web Services

I have been learning and experimenting with Amazon Web Services since May 2020, and earned the Solutions Architect Associate certification in October of that same year. I am currently making progress towards the Developer Associate certification.

My cloud résumé is hosted on a serverless AWS stack including S3, Lambda, and DynamoDB.


I started structured Python learning in November 2020. I am familiar with console-based scripting, GUIs, web scraping, API authoring, basic data science, and web application development.


Custom Computing

I assembled my first custom PC in 2014, and have completed several other builds since then. My most recent build features a hard-line water cooling loop for better heat dissipation under heavy loads.


When not coding or working in the cloud, I enjoy creating and rendering 3D images in Daz Studio, FDM (fused deposition modeling) 3D printing, and gaming. I have spent many years running and cycling competitively, and occasionally noodle around on a guitar.